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Hello and welcome.

Alicia Marchant here. Long time knitter, newly a knitwear pattern designer, and an occasional blogger. I'd promise to bring you regular exciting updates, but I was raised not to make promises you can't keep :) Plus there's that whole 2 year gap when I didn't think of anything interesting to say...

After 30 odd years of knitting I finally plucked up courage to design knitted items for more than just myself.  My first pattern was Multifarious, let loose on an unsuspecting public in January 2013. My aim is to produce patterns which people can enjoy. No second guessing what I want you to do, no struggling through unclear directions. All patterns are tested before release, and I do my best to find testers who are unfamiliar with some of the techniques used as they won't be able to rely on better instructions they've used before.
If you ever have a problem following one of my patterns, let me know and I'll work with you to resolve them.

When I'm not messing about full time with sticks & string and fighting Microsoft Office products, I work as a Business Analyst fighting Microsoft Office products.
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!

In case I ever say I'm going to a knit night or fiber festival and you want to avoid me - here's what to look out for:

About as glamorous as it gets
In my element!

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