Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Experimenting with pattern grading

Following from some chatter in the Budding Designers Group over on Ravelry, I've started putting together a  spreadsheet to grade Sweater sizes.

At present it only does a knit-in-the-round, smooth increased sleeve up to the underarm level but I have a lot of functionality I want to add to it. It does however spit out the numbers into something resembling a knitting pattern - such as this:

Cast on 30 (30, 32, 36) 38 {38, 38, 38} stitches

Cuff instructions of choice for 14 rows
Change needles and start with stitch pattern of choice
Increase at the start and end of every 4 (3, 3, 4) 3 {3, 3, 3} rows
Until you have 70 (76, 80, 82) 86 {88, 92, 94} stitches
Work an additional 22 (33, 33, 13) 33 {30, 28, 25} rows

You can change gauge, ease (overall), make ease changes to targeted measurements (armhole depth for example) and change cuff length, and it will recalculate and format the above pattern extract in seconds. 

It's available to see on Google Docs: Sweater Calculator.

Guide to the sheets: 
Todo = stuff for me to do for the next version 
Inputs = where you put in ease and gauge. Currently only white cells are used. 
Result = from to-fit-size to actual-size to sleeve calculations. turquoise = actual fit, tan = rows (as opposed to stitch counts) pink = a control check of some form, green = going into the pattern itself 
Pattern = formats the green numbers on the Result tab into written pattern format 
Sizing = the base sizes I used and source links.

Comments/feedback/requests are always welcome! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your spreadsheet. I am taking Faina's class now, and I look forward to getting some great ideas from you, too.