Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Identity

I thought woolyheadedwonderer was a cool name for a knitter's online presence. It seemed to suit me, a bit fuzzy at times, but always thinking about random stuff.

Then along came ravelry, and without thinking too much I abbreviated it to woolyheadedwonder. In retrospect not my smartest move. The only wonder about me is how I ever finish anything given how easily distracted I am combined with a tendency to procrastinate!

So new year, new identity for a blog and ravelry. Beaten to the punch by someone else, I've become I AM Knitting UK. Technically incorrect since I'm not currently knitting (I haven't worked out knitting whilst typing yet, but find me some accurate voice recognition software and I'll be all over it like a rash), but I will be soon, once I've decided between knitting, spinning or drinking another cup of coffee.

In the meantime a preview of what's to come:
Pattern for a striped double knit scarf (with links to how to do double knitting)
Pattern for thrummed mittens (super warm though they are so fat they feel like I'm wearing boxing gloves)
Pattern for socks
Pattern for fingerless mittens
Reviews of the pod-casts, audio books and TV shows that have entertained me whilst I knit and spin.

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